Education: This program focuses on helping the youths and their parents to see the advantages education offers and prepare them for possible difficulties that they may face. The following topics will be focused on when conducting the lectures:

-          Increasing student and parent awareness of higher education, academic requirements,financial aid opportunities, and helping to make the right choices for a brighter future;

-          Discussing the problem as for affordable education;

-          Discussing approaches as for how to research and discover the right university, course, etc.;

-          Adult education and literacy

This educational lecture will involve employing active participation of volunteers among local host country’s financial experts and banks, Diversity Empowerment Resource Outreach officers, a class activity involving community leaders and cosumer presentations by providing financial services to clients with little or no cash income. Through microfinance, Diversity Empowermnet Resource Outreach will integrate the financial needs of poor people into a country’s maianstream financial sysstem, building permanent local institutions, and helping consumers and citizens raise income, build assets and save for reserve for emergencies.

The peole that will be conducting this lectures are the practitioners and donors from the charitable side of microfinance Institutions, officers of Diversity Empowerment Resource Outreach, employing active participation of volunteers among local host country’s financial experts and banks, volunteer from economic experts, and community leaders.


The picture below is Ngodo Primary School where the founder and president of DERO (Dr. Darlington Mgbeke) graduated from in the late 70's. Unfortunately, the school remains the same. The walls of the building are falling apart, students have no electricity, no teaching supplies, and no clean drinking water. With your help, things will change. Please help, your generous tax deductible contribution is appreciated.

Ngodo Primary School

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