DERO founder is Dr. Darlington Mgbeke, a retired United States Navy Chief Petty Officer who has travelled around the world and has a first-hand knowledge of African history of suffering, struggle against the harshness of droughts in early 1960’s, he became a leader and pioneered innovative collaborating social development projects to foster community building with African people and community leaders. Understanding that it takes clean water to raise a village and the impact of how small loans can change a poor African family, he officially established Diversity Empowerment Resource Outreach (DERO) Incorporated as an International charitable organization in 2007.

Dero’s Core Values have always been:

  • Community collaboration, engagement and Vision by working with community leaders to affect social change in the community we operate.
  • Affect social change in community development and citizen empowerment outreach programs.      
  • Public policy advocacy debate that will bring change in the community and abroad.
  • Impact community awareness and themes both in United Stated and Africa in Medical and Health Research, Education, Agriculture, Environmental epidemics, economic self sufficiency, and medical issues that affect the communities. 
  • Consulting and strategic public policy initiative issues that affect the diverse community and those abroad we serve. 
  • Alleviate Poverty and illiteracy through education, Financial dependent, Information Awareness, and mentorship programs.
  • Provide organizational leadership and effective governance model
  • Changing people’s live by empowerment 
  •  To make a positive social impact on people’s lives —to make a difference.



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