Homeless and Orphaned

Help DEROCARE to eradicate the problem of homelessness, abandon children and hunger in Africa and around the world.


These children in the pictures were abandoned, hungry and need your help. With your contribution as much as $50 or more, they will be able to eat, have access to healthcare and a place to stay they can call their home.



DEROCARE’s mission is to break the cycle of homelessness by empowering homeless people with the tools for self-sufficiency. DERO works towards this goal by providing services that help homeless people find work, save money, secure housing, and empower their lives. We cook breakfast and lunch and serve nutritional food in a transitional home for homeless people.

(Poverty in Africa affects both
young and old.)
(These newly born abandoned babies at a Motherless Babies Home need your help)

(This abandoned baby at the Motherless Babies Home needs your help. Malnutrition and disease are eminent.)
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