Donate to DIVERSITY EMPOWERNMENT RESOURCE OUTREACH INC. (Derocare) and join us in eradication of world poverty and to affect a social change in poor villages around the world. Fund a small loan to help poor working families in Africa!

End Global Poverty -Faster


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Help Dero End Global Poverty and Fund a loan to help Empower Poor African Families!

Dero’s mission is to strive for citizen collaboration and community partnership through economic sustainability and to empower citizens to improve their lives and strive for excellence.

Dero is a pioneer in individual microfinance lending and are grounded in the small to micro-scale investments at the grassroots level. Research has shown that micro-financing is the oil that lubricates the engine of growth within any economy globally. Our goal is empowering people’s economic sustainability by lending directly to individuals in developing countries to alleviate poverty.

A.    Donors who want to donate will look through the profiles of the entrepreneurs who need a loan from our database, then select someone from the list. The lenders can lend by using PayPal or credit cards, Diversity Empowerment Resource Outreach (DERO) will collect the money and then send the funds to one of our microfinance partners.

B.     Dero’s will contact their microfinance partners who will eventually distribute the loan to the specific entrepreneur. To promote best practices, our microfinance liaisons also provide microfinance training and any other available assistance to ensure high rate of returns and the entrepreneur's chances of success.

C.     Diversity Empowerment Resource Outreach (DERO) will provide feedback and updates to our lenders when the entrepreneur payback their loan and email those who desired to receive them.

Donors who receive their money back can contribute the money again to an entrepreneur who is in desperately need of a loan, donate their money to Diversity Empowerment Resource Outreach (DERO) to cover operational expenses or withdraw their funds.

Mrs. Nnanna is waiting for your help to restart her business. Donate today!

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