Our mission statement is to strive for citizen collaboration and community partnership through economic sustainability and to empower citizens to improve their lives and strive for excellence.


To achieve its mission, the organization will:

         be sensitive to diverse issues in the communities we serve;

         communicate, and measure our success through community feedback;

         develop strategies, be innovative, utilize resources;

         build collaborative community partnerships with the people we serve.

To achieve the standards of excellence, we will:

         support community collaboration, engagement, and vision by working with community leaders to affect social change in the community in which we operate;

         increase community awareness in the United States and Nigeria about issues that affect the diverse communities: medical and health research, education, agriculture, environmental issues, epidemics, and economic self-sufficiency;

         lessen poverty and illiteracy through education, financial independence, and information sharing;

         improve citizenís lives through awareness of healthcare and medical research initiatives in the United States and Nigeria;

         empower children, women, and youth to succeed in the 21st century and to encourage low-income and disadvantaged children in poor communities to stay in school; to help youth who are dependent on the welfare system become successful and find gainful employment and adequate housing, and to become productive citizens; to support early childhood development initiatives that give children the tools they need to survive;

         strengthen and support family unification by addressing issues relevant to:

-          Parenting

-          Counseling/consulting

-          Teen pregnancy

-          Chemical and substance abuse

-          Case management

         promote strategic public policy management initiatives and research issues that effect social change in the community;

         promote cultural and arts awareness in the United Sates and Nigeria;

         raise awareness in the United States and Nigeria on medical, health research, education, agriculture, and environment issues that affect the whole community;


To build a civic engagement community through enrichment programs by empowering citizens to improve their lives for Excellence.

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