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Diversity Empowerment Resource Outreach Inc, also known as Derocare is a California based non-profit organization. Diversity Empowerment Resource Outreach serves the area(s) of Nigeria and other parts of Africa. 

A Non-profit Organization that embarks on humanitarian and disaster relief programs around the globe; alleviating poverty among those disadvantaged and less privileged in our communities. 

Diversity Empowerment Resource Outreach, Inc is dedicated to improving the lives of people in Sub-Sahara region, especially in Nigeria. We focus on bringing awareness about HIV/AIDS, hunger, clean water resources, healthcare and health education. Our purpose is to impact social change, empower the voiceless, and instill hope to many lives.

Lack of access to clean water, extent of spread of HIV and poverty in Africa is broad, and thinking about its impact, especially on children, can be disheartening. What can all of us do to help? Your contribution will help us continue to deliver these important projects like the need for access to clean water, AIDS/HIV education prevention services/awareness to the poor and the neediest around the world and in the United States.

 Diversity Empowerment Resource Outreach Inc (DEROCARE) has been organized to operate exclusively for charitable, educational, water resources, healthcare, microfinance, social and community development within the scope of Section 501 (c) 3 (all donations are tax deductible) of the United States Internal Revenue Code. DERO is an agent of change in poor families and rural communities in Africa. Help us change Global poverty!

 An innovative leader and champion among U.S. based charitable organizations and individual philanthropists. Dero specializes in Africa and has first-hand knowledge of the problems confronting this region of the world.

 The specific purpose of Diversity Empowerment Resource Outreach is to educate the community on various topics such as education, healthcare, social issues, and economics.

 Activities:  The specific activities the organization undertakes are as follows:

 • The mission of Diversity Empowerment Resource Outreach is to strive for citizen collaboration and

community partnership through economic sustainability and to empower citizens to improve their lives and strive

for excellence.

 • Diversity Empowerment Resource Outreach wishes to achieve the following objectives and goals:

 .        Social and community development

 ·         Education

 ·         Health 

.           Access to  Clean Water Resource Management

.            Other Key Activities


Social and Community Development Project

The purpose of the activity is to promote the public awareness on various problems of the community.

This activity will be conducted in the form of lectures and seminars on healthcare, educational, economical, and social topics.

Healthcare: the healthcare program will be focused on many aspects that should be taken into consideration today. The following topics will be included in the course of lectures that will be conducted:

-          Overcoming the lack of knowledge among the public on aspects of emergency healthcare, safety, and first aid to shape their attitude towards ambulance services, and educating society on safety precautions during emergencies;

-          Launching a campaign to raise awareness of AIDS/HIV;

-          Health and wellness topics (blood pressure, general health information, fitness and recreation, highlighting community health events, nutrition and health tips); individualized health needs (consumer health information and education, health counseling, information on smoking); wise use of the health care system;

-          Food and nutrition;

-          Alcohol and drug recovery treatment;

-          Chemical and substance abuse;

Education: This program focuses on helping the youths and their parents to see advantages that education offers and prepare them for possible difficulties that they may face. The following topics will be focused on when conducting the lectures:

-          Increasing student and parent awareness of higher education options, academic requirements, financial aid opportunities, and helping to make the right choices for a brighter future;

-          Discussing the problem as for affordable education;

-          Discussing approaches as for how to research and discover the right university, course, etc.;

-          Adult education and literacy

This educational lecture will involve employing active participation of volunteers among local host country’s financial experts and banks, Diversity Empowerment Resource Outreach officers, a class activity involving community leaders and cosumer presentations by providing financial services to clients with little or no cash income. Through microfinance, Diversity Empowermnet Resource Outreach will integrate the financial needs of poor people into a country’s maianstream financial sysstem, building permanent local institutions, and helping consumers and citizens raise income, build assets and save for reserve for emergencies.

The peole that will be conducting this lectures are the practitioners and donors from the charitable side of microfinance Institutions, officers of Diversity Empowerment Resource Outreach, employing active participation of volunteers among local host country’s financial experts and banks, volunteer from economic experts, and community leaders.


Economics: this project is aimed at helping people be aware of certain details of day-to-day things and learn more about their specific features in order to feel confident and be aware of possible difficulties that result of the lack of knowledge. The following topics will be covered:

-          Finance, economics, banking, checking, saving, credit cards, budgeting, and money;

-          Personal finance and planning;

-          Topics on agriculture;

Social Programs: this course of lectures will be devoted to the problems of relationships within the community, in the family, in the office etc. Its aim is to help people be able to prevent various situations that can ruin good relationships between people. The following topics will be covered accordingly:

-          Teaching people how to solve conflicts nonviolently, challenging bias, communicating better, thinking critically, and working together to build a more just, peaceful society in order to improve individual’s' social and emotional competency;

-          Teaching interactive approaches that value the individual’s experiences, emphasizing inquiry, dialogue, and thoughtful reflection;

-          Teaching skills in conflict resolution, intercultural understanding, cooperation, and community-building;

-          Homelessness and the problem of hunger in Africa and around the world;

-          Emergency disaster relief services;

-          Humanitarian aid to Africa and other developing world;

-          Malaria and tuberculosis in Africa.

We will invite volunteering experts in the fields that will be covered and who will assist the organization with the preparation of necessary materials and with conducting the lectures. This project will be started in December 2008 after the organization acquires necessary funds for its conducting through fundraising activities and charitable donations from the public. Darlington Mgbeke will be in charge of the project. The facilities that will be used will include tables, chairs, computer, and recreational facilities. The venue is still to be determined. The activity will be conducted in churches and libraries. The organization will look for a donated facility, so no rental expenses will be involved. This activity will be conducted in the USA and Nigeria (in its six regional parts which include the South, East, North, and Western parts). As we grow, the future the organization plans to conduct these activities in other African countries such as Angola, Senegal, Ghana, Cameroon, Uganda, Ethiopia, Central African Republic, Kenya, Gambia, Burkina Faso, Gabon, and Botswana.

Through this project the organization aims to raise public awareness on various problems of vital importance and educate people in the community on these life aspects so that they can change their life for better and be able to avoid problems that can be prevented. No fee will be charged for participation. This activity will be promoted to the general public through newspapers, radio announcements, etc.

Access to Clean Water Resource Management

The purpose of the activity is to provide information to access to clean water through education and linking the community to available resources that will help them in alleviating drinking dirty and contaminated water.

This activity will consist of drilling boreholes for water extraction and resuscitating existing wells in the community to assist millions of the diverse people to have access to fresh water. It is a well-known fact that the physiology of human body contains 80% of water and as result we can survive without water for only three days. Most communities in developing countries and Nigeria in particular do not have access to clean and safe water sustainable to life.  

Example of Borehole Drilling In Africa


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