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Jennifer Connelly in Africa for clean water crusade- Clean Water Crusade

 DEROCARE, an innovative leader in borehole drilling in developing worlds is extremely working hard to raise community awareness on the importance of safe drinking water; without toilets, people are forced to defecate on the bare ground, or in urban and peri-urban areas, to stand in line to use a filthy public latrine. Studies have shown that the result of this can be summed up in one lethal word: diarrhea. Research has shown that in developing countries where millions of people are estimated to lack access to safe drinking water (unofficial estimates are much higher), diseases like jaundice, malaria, cholera and severe diarrhea are abound. Derocare helps make drinking clean water accessible to millions of poor families in Africa. 

This is a borehole in a rural community in Umuiwe, Nigeria. The entire village depend on  this one borehole for source of clean water supply. According to United Nations report, Diarrhea thrives in the absence of basic, hygienic conditions and is the number one killer of children in the world.

               The President of DEROCARE Inc (Dr. Mgbeke) testing the opening of a new borehole drinking water. 

This new borehole pump above brought clean safe water to the village which enabled the children to go to school instead of walking thousands of miles each day to fetch water before going to school. Children death rates decreased, a whole village prospered, and it takes clean water to raise a community.

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Your donation to Derocare can help the poorest African families access safe water, save lives, and, provide sanitation and hygiene education to some of the world's poorest people.  

The Gift of Clean Water – Learn more -Give a person clean water

 Your contribution to us will help rural communities in developing countries in Africa, starting today!

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