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 Celebrate with us "Women's Day" 2017-





 Defining 2016-2021 Global Health Sector Strategies for HIV / Viral Hepatitis / Sexually Transmitted Infections




~~~~~~~~~~For those of us in Nonprofit, we all know funders want to know how we spent the money entrusted on us; therefore it becomes imperative we understand the power of "measurement" and how it can be used to improve performance~~~~~~Read More.


The Importance of Measurement in Nonprofit Management 2015




~~~~~~~~~~~The need for access to clean Water-----World Water Day 2011--Learn more



The United States President's Emergency Plan for AIDS in Africa. Please visit


 ~~~~~~~The Power of Giving!  Haiti at Glance—please watch Jean’s story: (


~~~~~~~~~~ World Contraception Day 2010 (


The urgent need for clean water

Across much of the developing world, a silent tsunami is raging (Riley & Babbitt, 2008): for lack of clean water and sanitation, as many poor people are dying each month as perished during the Southeast Asian tsunami of December 2004. An estimated 6 million died in 2003, according to the World Health Organization, many of them young children. In addition to death and illness, a loss of hope and opportunity are direct consequences of water-borne and related diseases. But unlike the tsunami that devastated Southeast Asia, this one can be stopped. Access to adequate, clean, affordable supplies of water, as well as sanitation and hygiene, is fundamental to human health, to human dignity, to reducing poverty, and to expanding economic opportunity. Yet a billion people or more go without safe drinking water; twice that lack adequate sanitation.

United Nations focused on determining what nations can do on their own to achieve the goal set by the United Nations of halving the number of people without access to water for nourishment and hygiene by 2015 (Learn more)).



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